Do-it-Yourself Vs. Hiring a Professional Web Designer

We’re currently living in a day and age where doing-it-yourself is all of the rages, from home improvement home renovation into business card design. And now we have do-it-yourself website layout. The question is, will be doing it yourself web layout better than having a professional web designer to do it?

In this guide, we’ll examine the advantages and pitfalls of building a website yourself.

Complete Creative Power

When constructing your own website using either template software you’ve bought, or a free internet program, you have to choose from a set collection of colors, font styles, and elaborate backgrounds etc.. So it’s easy to customize the look and feel of your website, right?

Well, not too fast. Undoubtedly you are given a choice of frills and styles, but you are falling short in your company branding. Exactly what do these fashions and frills state about your branding? Does your website illustrate a brand which sets you apart from the competition? The answer is no.

Web surfers can certainly tell a professional website from a one. And if given the option, web surfers may be more prone to trust and do business together with the more professional.

If you are a student, hobbyist, or the purpose of your website is personal, a do-it-yourself templated website may be the best answer for your needs. However, if you’re a business, or you are promoting a service or product, hiring a professional to make your website is essential for branding purposes and for setting yourself apart from the competition.

HTML is not that hard to learn

It’s true, basic HTML isn’t that hard to learn. In case you have a great deal of extra energy and time to pour into studying HTML, you could create your first webpage in a couple of days.

However, what will that webpage look like? Professional or amateurish? Chances are your webpage will look amateurish in comparison to your competition’s, if your competitors utilized a web designer.

Moreover, what if your code has abandoned serious security loopholes, or your webpage displays incorrectly in certain web browsers? Not everyone uses Internet Explorer. And not everybody uses a PC.

If it’s necessary to you that your website reaches a large audience – and make a professional and positive opinion, then it is a fantastic idea to hire a professional web designer. There’s a reason why web design and web design are professions.

A professional web designer will ensure that there are no security loopholes in your code, be sure users across all platforms using different browsers will see your website properly, and ensure that search engines such as Google will be able to read your code and then index your website!

Let us compare this scenario with that of a recreational photographer: The Uncle only bought a new camera. He’s got no experience taking photos other than vacation snapshots. However, he has read the manual and taught himself how this camera functions. He states that he is prepared to start charging people to do their wedding photos. Can you employ him to perform your wedding photos? The point is, just because somebody learns how to use something new, does mean that they have experience or the imagination to use it.

A professional camera does not earn a professional photographer. Just as learning how to code HTML doesn’t mean your website will appear professional.

So the HTML is from the way, how are you going to make your professional looking logo or personalize the images for your website? To do this you’ll require a software program such as Photoshop.

. . .Is Photoshop?

Again, if you have a lot of additional time to learn and master graphics programs such as Photoshop and find programming languages such as HTML, designing a website yourself may be the perfect solution. Your brand new web design knowledge could be advantageous in understanding how, for instance, coding and website articles affects how your website will be crawled by Google or other search engines.

Saving Time and Money

If you bought a web design home made a kit, then it probably sounded like an affordable and user-friendly alternative. Fill in the blanks and the application will do the rest for you. Fast and simple, right?

The very first question you should think about is, how much cash is your time worth? In case you have a lot of time and taking on website design seems to do, then this choice could be right for you.

But you should keep one thing in mind before you start. Imagine if you invest your time to make your own website and it doesn’t work properly, or it does not look professional? Then what?

Let’s compare this scenario into a home renovation project: You went into Home Depot and bought fresh shingles for your own roof. The shingles’ price has been affordable and they arrived with a user guide – because it is your first time roofing, that is great. Perfect you are in your way. So you learn how to re-shingle your roofing and take some time and you fill out the job. Congratulations! The only issue is that your neighbors and prospective future home buyers can observe it does not quite look professional… and when it rains portions of their roof escape… occasionally. Talk to Burke & Burke about your project.

Now what? You need to find an expert to repair the leak along with the mistakes. Not only do you need to pay a professional roofer to re-do the occupation, but you also eliminate money and you wasted your time.

Doing it yourself may help you save money at first, but if you need to employ a professional to correct any problems afterward, it may wind up costing you even more cash.

Either avenue you select, whether your home improvement or you employ a web design specialist, we wish you the best of luck and all the success with your web design job.